Hayward Facility
20694 Corsair Blvd.
Hayward, Ca. 94545
phone #: 510-670-0999

Stockton Facility
2719 Boeing Way.
Stockton, Ca. 95206
phone #: 510-670-0999

Legal & Evidence Storage

Interstate Services specializes in auto-related litigation, offering a range of services and support. We know the correct way to transport and protect your evidence while maintaining the chain of custody. Experience counts. We have been doing so since 1983.

Our evidence transportation procedures involve more than the average tow. We document the general condition of the vehicle with photographs (professional on-site videography also is available), plus we document the inventory and write a condition report/receipt to maintain the chain of custody. Upon completion of the job, we provide copies of the photographs and/or videos.

Chain of Custody

We use the right equipment to protect your evidence during the loading and transportation process. We protect and contain evidence by covering vehicles with a tarp, maintaining confidentiality during transport.

Our facility was designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of legal and automotive experts who examine your evidence. That’s why we also offer a conference room with full office amenities, plus Wi-Fi is provided throughout the building.
Our inspection area provides experts with ample room to photograph and work around the vehicle. We have nearly all the basic equipment an expert would need to inspect a vehicle. We can raise vehicles for underside inspection by using a side-post lift, and Interstate Services offers the basic equipment found in any automotive shop: air compressor, floor jacks, and hand and power tools.
We store all vehicles and products inside a warehouse where they are individually wrapped with tarps. If needed, vehicles are placed on wood blocks to keep tires off the ground. Smaller items such as motorcycles are stored on pallets.

Vehicles are moved easily within the warehouse – for example, from storage to inspection areas – on rollers or skates. Interstate Services protects against fire with installed sprinklers and alarms and against burglary with alarms as well as central monitoring.
Interstate Services can locate exemplar vehicles and parts and complete the entire transaction – from location, purchase and transportation. Need to build a custom exhibit? Interstate Services can handle that too.


Small items are stored
on pallets.

We make customized exibits.

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Vehicles are manuvered on